Wednesday, February 23, 2011

1 Pair of Pants, 12 Days

I just got back to Sagada from my week and a half stay in Manila. My decision to go to Manila was made on the fly while visiting another village. I jumped on the bus with only one change of cloths and a small bag. I had three shirts, but alas only one pair of pants!

Oh my, it's good to be back in Sagada. Fresh air, quiet, and... Clean pants!

What a 12 days it was though.

I am still reeling from my intense and momentous time with Sarah, the president and the Muslim and Christian youth.

Yes, at times I really wished I had a change of pants. But openeness to the creative flow is what being an artist is all about. Stepping out of comfort into challenge and the unknown is where the creativity magically flows. Wether it's modifying some breakfast buns or making a mandala with the president, the most authentic and brilliant creations are strangely unplanned. Indeed, it's when the universe has a chance to work with you.

Art, and dare I say life, is all about accepting what you've got in your moment and creating, and loving, grandly.

This was my way of making breakfast for Sarah one morning.

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