Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making a Mandala with President Aquino and...

...400 kids!

I am in Manila this week on a spontaneous co-creation with my lover Sarah. This weekend, long awaited international peace talks resume over the war torn province of Mindinao in the Southern Philippines. To help launch the talks we orchestrated with the presidential staff a mandalic peace ritual. Sarah was instrumental in ensuring this ritual that drew on Philipino roots was part of the event. And, it was by far the most successful and engaging part of it.

We began with the co-creation of clay candle and flower holders with 400 kids of diverse faith backgrounds. That's alot of kids! Its a minor miracle it worked out.

We had the amazing help of an interfaith group of youth leaders from a Manila neighborhood. The holders were arranged with leaves and flowers to make a candle lighting ritual that was assisted by president Aquino, his generals, government and spiritual leaders, and of course the kids.

The youth partook in the ritual directly. The president just said a speech. It was way more fun working with the kids!

What is the way to peace and harmony? It is to be peace and harmony! That's what the mandala making process was all about.

Here's the full Facebook gallery.

Movie to come...

The artists: Sarah and I, the youth leaders.

The Secretary for Peace lights a candle with her grand daughter.

The president looks on.

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