Monday, February 14, 2011

Fishes, Loaves, Pastels

With the 1Books that have arrived in Guina'ang, so too has arrived a box of pastels. 1 Box to precise. Thanks Dan!

While there I figured I'd do a little mandala workshop. Boy did the pastels come in handy. It was like a scene from the Bible. The one box of pastels somehow got broken up, divided, shared around (like the loafs and fishes) and was used by a class of 50 students!

The class happened to be doing a lesson on fractions and ratios. We incorporated that into mandala making. The children choose a number and divided their paper accordingly. Working with a given fraction of their favorite number, they divided their paper up into sections of color. Then, I gave them another fraction, and they cut up their colored paper into pieces.

And then we made Mandalas! Their Mandalas became iterations of their favorite number. They were so keen that in the afternoon we went ahead and built collaborative Mandalas. More on that in my next post.

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