Friday, January 9, 2009

Lovely Louisa

I've had an amazingly rich and wonderful Holidays in Wales with my lover Louisa.   Out of grattitude and joy I have painted her portrait as a gift.  The painting turned out completely different than what I had invisioned.   

Swept away by my intuition, I painted from my heart.   The painting aspires to capture Louisa's essence as well as a multitude of our richest moments.   Its an amalgam of moments and places in a way that only a painting can capture.  Like all relationships, ours has also involved intense moments of truth, confronting of deep seeded fears, and tending the others fears and struggles.  The painting captures my own processing of our time together.

I may have been the one who painted the picture, but I stare at it with more curiousity than I think anyone else ever will.  Art is a truly a way to converse with ones's soul.   The painting took a life of its own.   Each element a symbol that speaks to me of moments and people and places.   The conjunction of moon and evening star, the candle lit in the window, the woman walking off the scene, the person who looks a lot like me walking away down the street-- none of these things I planned, yet incredibly they mean an immense amount.   The painting is more honest than words can ever aspire.  Perhaps that is its greatest gift.

Creating art is such a fantastic process.   I highly recommend it.  When I lead workshops I see children to adults discovering new things about themselves.   I am a professional artist, yet I still am dazzled by just how wonderfully revealing art making can be.  

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Gabrielle said...

Russell, It is style and in commentary. I have been viewing, appreciating and interpreting your art from the onslaught--I find this one very honest and beautiful. (The woman "walking" off the scene does it gracefully).
Remember "Life, Paint and Passion", the book on painting workshops by Cassou? Well, i just bought it this week. I read it thinking fondly of you and our appreciation for the discoveries and insights that can come from the art making process. Cheers!