Monday, January 19, 2009

A Mandala of Friendship

I made this Mandala back in December.  It was for Abby, who I have been staying with again this week in Holland.   It was a parting gift of gratefullness for the wonderful time I had spent with her, for her hospitality, generosity and friendship.

As I prepare to embark on the road again, the same warm feelings overcome me.  It feels appropriate to share this now.   I first got the idea of using post it notes to make a mandala comes from a friend of mine, Amy in NYC.  However, the idea for this particular mandala came from a dream.  

 Its a very simple configuration-- one that I probably wouldn't have picked consciously.  Yet, that is what I dreamed.  It is my experience that it is a good thing to follow your dreams!

An interesting thing has happen in the time that I was away.   The post it notes on the wall have been filling up!   The post its were used by Abby and her friends to leave notes.   These, then got cycled into Mandala! 

 The once blank and basic mandala is now filled with sketches, notes, scribbles, and life.  It captures a moment of a friends and connections.

I smile.


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