Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Visitor

I have a visitor!   

Who would have that a homeless itinerant vagabond could be a host?   However, Lovely Louisa has come to visit me here on my way to Hamburg.   She has actually been with me the last three days, I just haven't had the chance to catch up on my posts.  

My tent is typically a lonely place.  I had long forgotten the pleasure of sharing a tent.  What a pleasure to wake up with someone!   What a pleasure to be able to share the beauty and adventure that I typically encounter alone with someone else.  Her being with me is giving a whole new perspective on my experience.  I am seeing what is 'normal' for me through her eyes, and realizing that its not as normal as I would think.

Tonight, a rain storm, two close call crashes has led Louisa to treat us to a wonderfully warm and fabulously luxuriant (well for me!) hotel.  

Another great wake-up awaits me.  

I mean 'us'! 

 I need to get use to not being so solitary!

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