Tuesday, March 17, 2009

East Germany: Brandenburg

I write from my tent under a wide open and starry sky.  

 Beside me, the river Elbe winds its way south east in the direction of Berlin.  I have been following the river since Hamburg.  I am traveling through what was once GDR, East Germay.   Its a crash course in politics, geography, culture, language and history.   Under communism East Germany was strictly controlled and few people were allow to visit of live here.  Just simple farm families.  The area is thus sparsely inhabited and the houses and farms look like they are out of the middle ages.  Thatch roof. Black and white post and beam.  Old German calligraphy and sculptures on the facade.

I now head to Gantikow, near Berlin.  

 There a friend of a friend of a friend has invited me to visit.  He is an artist, curator of "The Museum of Lies"-- a old farm baron's house in the middle of the countryside that has been converted into a repository of art and creativity.  

 It looks like a new adventure awaits me!



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