Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Statement of Purpose

I recently rehashed this artist statement of purpose.  Its a little like my personal manifesto!   Thought I would post it here....

I believe that when we work together we can achieve beautiful things. 

In this critical moment for  the planet and humanity, I believe that art has the profound opportunity to inspire and to lead through socially and environmentally conscious creativity.  This said, I am exploring collaborative, 'open source art'. 

Much like open source software, open source art sees myself as the artist and architect of collaborative  projects that involve numerous individuals creating pieces of a much larger whole.  

For the last year I have been  exploring this process through mosaic, collaborative mandalas.  By inspiring the participation of many, I orchestrate a creation that is much more than the sum of its parts.   The harmonious and grand creations that result are a powerful symbol of what can be achieved by working together.   I am profoundly excited by the potential of this process to unite and inspire.  

For humanity to raise to the challenge of the challenges of our planetary moment, we must become more conscious of our interconnectedness to our neighbours, to nature and to the planet.    Mandallas are part of ancient spiritual traditions in raising consciousness.  Combined with collaboration, they are a uniquely poised medium to assist with the grand task at hand.

Since June of 2008 I have been cycling around the world orchestrating one such project-- a world oneness mandala ( .   In each country I travel through my project is translated into a new language. 

 I am currently cycling through Germany and working from Berlin.