Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mass in Delmenhorst

I write from Delmenhorst, Germany.  

This morning, Louisa and I decided that we would attempt a religious experience.   As we woke up in our little field, we could hear the Church bells calling us from all directions.   We packed up the tent and headed in the direction of the nearest 'ding'.  We were lead to a strikingly modern Catholic cathedral.   From a distance and in the fog it looked a little like a factory.   We arrived in perfect time for mass.  

Usually I find attending Church services in different places a wonderful way to not only have a moment of peace, but to hear and learn some new words, and most of all connect with new people.  Inside was archetecturally quite impressive.  Alas, despite the fantastic abstract stainglass window that swept the contour of the Church, the service itself wasn't nearly as engaging.   The singing was mubbled, the sermon was spoken too awkwardly, I couldn't pick anything out.  Then, it ended, and everybody left.   And that was that.  Not even a coffee time or a hello!   

Oh well... it won't be the last German service I attend of that I am sure.  Onwards to Bremen!

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